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IANAS Meetings

The General Assembly is the meeting of the representatives of members of IANAS and each member Academy is invited to send to the General Assembly the President or his or her designate. The Assembly eets every three years in a country selected during the Assembly. The Executive Committee meets two times a year and ensures the continuity between two successive meetings of the General Assembly.

Colombia, IANAS General Assembly
Bogota May 25-29, 2019

USA, Executive Committee Meeting
Washington DC Jan 14-15, 2019

Mexico, Executive Committee Meeting
Mexico May 27-31, 2018

Costa Rica, Executive Committee Meeting
Costa Rica June 25-28, 2017

IANAS IV General Assembly Agenda
Rio de Janeiro, May 7th, 2016

Merida, Mexico, Executive Committee Meeting
January 31 - February 3, 2016

Bogota, Colombia, Executive Committee Meeting
May 27-29, 2015

Washington, DC, Executive Committee Meeting
March 16th -18th, 2014

IANAS General Assembly. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
July 16th-20th, 2013

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Executive Committee Meeting
March, 2013

Caracas Venezuela, Executive Committee Meeting
July 30-August 2, 2012

Caracas, Venezuela July 30-August 2, 2012

Santiago de Chile, Chile Executive Committee Meeting
January 2012
IANAS Executive Committee Meeting
The IANAS EC Meeting took place at the Chilean Academy of Sciences in Santiago de Chile on January 9th and 10th, 2011 hosted by the Chilean Academy of Sciences

Cuba, Executive Committee Meeting
Mayo 2011
Ensuring continuity after the General Assembly meeting in Otawa 2010, the Executive Committee (EC) met May 2011 in La Habana, Cuba. The meeting was hosted by The Academy of Sciences of Cuba and invited the EC-IANAS in conjunction to the 150th Anniversary celebration of the Cuban Academy along with other international scientific networks and organizations.

Ottawa, General Assembly Meeting
September 2010
The Royal Society of Canada hosted its Conference and General Assembly in Ottawa, Canada, on August 26-28, 2010.

July 2010
In the framework of IANAS Capacity Building Programme, the Brazilian Academy of Sciences hosted the “IANAS Inventing a Better Future Workshop: A Strategy for Building Regional Capacities in Science and Technology” workshop. The event took place in Brasília between July 21st and 23rd, at the headquarters of the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), being also supported by the Global Network of Science Academies (IAP).

La Paz 
February 2010
The National Academy of Sciences of Bolivia hosted the Eighth Meeting of the IANAS Executive Committee in La Paz, on February 25th and 26th.

Guatemala City 
July 2009
The Academy of Medical, Physical and Natural Sciences of Guatemala, hosted, on July 26-28 of 2009, the IANAS “Science Funding Landscape Workshop”.

Mexico City 
April 2009
The IANAS “Women for Science Symposium” was hosted by the Mexican Academy of Sciences in Mexico City on April 20-21, 2009.

March 2009
The US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) hosted the seventh meeting of the IANAS Executive Committee in Irvine, California, on 14-15 March of 2009.

Buenos Aires 
October 2008
Under the invitation of the InterAcademy Panel on International Issues (IAP) and the InterAcademy Council (IAC), the Interamerican Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS), in partnership with the National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of Argentina and the Argentinean Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, organized the IANAS Workshop "Toward a Sustainable Energy Future", which was held at the headquarters of the Argentinean Center of Engineers, in Buenos Aires, on 30-31 October 2008.

San José 
July 2008
On July 12, 2008 , the National Academy of Sciences of Costa Rica hosted, in San José, the sixth meeting of the IANAS Executive Committee.

November 2007
The fifth meeting of the IANAS Executive Committee was held in Antigua Guatemala City on November 30 and December 1, 2007. This was the first meeting of the Executive Board elected in the IANAS General Assembly held in Margarita Island, Venezuela.

Margarita Island 
June 2007
IANAS held its First Conference and Second General Assembly in Margarita Island, Venezuela, on June 7-9 of 2007.

Mexico City 
January 2007
The Mexican Academy of Sciences hosted the fourth meeting of the IANAS Steering Committee in Mexico City on January 29, 2007.

January 2006
The IANAS Steering Committee held its third meeting in Mamirauá on January 23, 2006. Organized under the auspices of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and hosted by the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Institute, inside a national reserve in the middle of the Amazon region, the meeting discussed the evolution of the Science Education and Water programmes and the actions of the network since its last meeting in Tobago.

May 2005
The Steering Committee of IANAS held its second meeting in Tobago, on May 12 th of 2005. Held under the auspices of the Caribbean Scientific Union, the meeting appraised the two ongoing programmes and approved the establishment of two new initiatives.

November 2004
The first meeting of the IANAS Steering Committee was held in Ottawa, on November 5 th of 2004. Held at the headquarters of the Royal Society of Canada, the meeting discussed the actions of IANAS since its inaugural meeting in Santiago and the significant progress that has been achieved since then. Communication policy, the functioning of the secretariat, funding of the network and the agenda for the coming year were also major topics for debate.

Santiago de Chile 
May 2004
From May 5-7, 2004, following the invitation of the Brazilian and the Chilean Academy of Sciences, the Science Academies of Latin America held the inaugural meeting of the InterAmerican Network of Academies of Science (IANAS).

Mexico City 
August 2003 
On August 15 and 16, 2003, following the invitation of the Mexican Academy of Sciences, the Science Academies of Latin America held a regional preparatory meeting to the 2003 IAP General Assembly.

August 2003 
On August 14, 2003 a group of Science Academies of the Americas met to discuss the possibility of creating a network of existing national and regional Academies of Sciences in the hemisphere.