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Prof. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim FIAS has become Mauritius's first female president, the third on the African continent.
Port Louis - Prominent scientist Ameenah Gurib-Fakim was on Thursday approved by the parliament of Mauritius as the Indian Ocean island nation's new president, making her the first woman to hold the ceremonial position.
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IANAS Women for Sciences Focal Points Meeting, Ottawa, Canada
The Royal Society of Canada is hosting a meeting of the IANAS Women for Science program on September 20-22 in Ottawa. The meeting includes 17 focal points from Academies throughout the Americas and the agenda will focus on: (1) the results of a “Census of Women Scientists” in the Academies of the Americas; (2) the development of projects that aim to attract young girls to science; and (3) a unique book chapter on Energy, Water and Gender that is the result of a collaboration between different IANAS Programs. IANAS is also proud to welcome of eight new focal points who will contribute to future goals such as a closer engagement with the Science Education Program.
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Announcement of the IANAS-OWSD Prize to Clarimar Camacho from Venezuela
Clarimar Camacho, advanced PhD student at the Chemistry Department, Central University of Venezuela, has been selected as the winner of the IANAS-OWSD Prize.
Clarimar's story
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New Co-Chair of the Women for Science Program
Lilliam Alvarez Diaz

Biographies of Eminent LAC Women Scientists

One of the objectives of the WfS-WG is to highlight the achievements of Latin-American and Caribbean women scientists. A new page has been added to the site with the first set of nine biographies. See Eminent Women Scientists in LAC Countries.

WfS-WG Member Receives Harvard University Research Award
Maria-Zunilda Núñez, MD MSc, WfS-WG Focal Point for the Dominican Republic, is one of 10 Doctors of Medical Science in Latin America selected by the Latin American Initiative of Harvard University to spend one year in a research laboratory that offers courses on principles and practice of clinical research and translational medicine. This training will enable her to set up such a program in the Dominican Republic and to establish partnerships between researchers from the Dominican Republic and from Harvard University. She will work with Vera Novak, MD, PhD at the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Congratulations, Doctor-Maria Zunilda Núñez!

The second IANAS WfS-WG Focal Points Meeting
The second IANAS WfS-WG Focal Points and Associates meeting has been scheduled for February 9-11, Panama. More details here.

WfS-WG Focal Point from Peru represents WfS-WG at IANAS Water Programme meeting

WfS-WG Focal Point from Peru, Nicole Bernex, represented WfS-WG at the meeting of the Focal Points of the IANAS Water Programme, November 22 - 24 in Bolivia. WfS-WG has organized a session on gender issue in use and management of water, with presentations by Nicole and two invited speakers: Maria Angelica Alegria, Public Works water engineer from Chile, and Mariela Garcia, a sociologist from Colombia, with background in water technology and with global expertise in community organizing. According to Bianca Jimenez, co-Chair of the IANAS Water Programme, the three experts made a great impression and have been invited to contribute to the Water Programme's publications in preparation.

Primer seminario Mujer y Ciencia
La Academia de Ciencias de la República Dominicana tiene el agrado de invitarle al Primer Seminario Mujer Ciencia.
Cede: Academia de Ciencias de la República Dominicana
20 y 21 de octubre, 2011 

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The 14th Annual L'ORÉAL-UNESCO Awards For Women in Science
The For Women in Science partnership announced on November 8, 2011 the five exceptional women scientists from around the world who will receive the 2012 L'ORÉAL-UNESCO Awards in Life Sciences.

Latin America: Professor Susana López, Developmental Genetics and Molecular Physiology, Department of the Institute of Biotechnology, National University of Mexico, Cuernavaca, "For identifying how rotaviruses cause the death of 600,000 children each year."

North America: Professor Bonnie Bassler, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Principal Investigator, Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey, "For understanding chemical communication between bacteria and opening up new doors for treating infections."

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IANAS-OWSD Research Prize
The IANAS Women for Science Working Group (WfS-WG) has received funding from the Global Network of Science Academies (IAP) for a new prize - the IANAS-OWSD Research Prize - for one outstanding advanced female graduate student in the sciences, mathematics or engineering. The prize will allow the awardee to enrich her PhD experience by conducting a research project for a period of several months at a university or other research institute in a different IANAS country of her choice. The purposes of the prize are to encourage and enrich research in science and engineering by women graduate students, to strengthen science research capacity in qualifying IANAS countries, and to trigger a long-range collaboration between home and host institutes.

The IANAS Office has sent out a call for nominations for this prize to Science Academies in twelve qualifying Latin American and the Caribbean countries. Each of these academies is invited to nominate one candidate, and the IANAS Office will direct the process of selection of the awardee among the nominations received. The awardee will receive a US $ 9000 stipend to carry out her proposed research project in the host country.

Two prominent Scientists from our Hemisphere: Laureates of L'ORÉAL - UNESCO 
Awards for Women in Science. June, 2011

Silvia Torres-Peimbert México 

Jillian Banfield US