Gender issues in IANAS and its programmes

The Women for Science Working Group (WfS-WG) will work with IANAS on understanding the impacts on women of the IANAS programmes and initiatives and help to ensure women's participation. Women at the grass roots play a crucial role in providing water and fuel for their families.

Improving access to clean water and sustainable energy will therefore require the active cooperation of women. Providing science education to both girls and boys, working with women experts, and ensuring participation of the women who will use the technologies are essential to the success of IANAS initiatives in these areas. WfS-WG will stress how traditional gender roles limit women's access to resources and opportunities as well as the greater vulnerability of poor women may affect the effectiveness of IANAS initiatives. WfS-WG will advocate for full inclusion of women experts and women at the grass roots in all of IANAS programmes.

WfS- WG will do this by:

  • Providing resources on the effects of gender, on opportunities for including women, and on resulting benefits in Water, Energy, Science Education, as well as any future IANAS work areas.
  • Providing expertise and identifying speakers for IANAS workshops and conferences in these areas.
  • Compiling a list of women scientific and technical experts in the areas of Water, Energy and Science Education.

*Document Updated: December 2013