IANAS Women for Sciences Focal Points Meeting

Ottawa, Canada,
September 20th to 23rd

Milena Cabrera Maldonado

The IANAS Women for Science Group in front of the Museum of Nature, Ottawa September 2014

The Royal Society of Canada is hosting a meeting of the IANAS Women for Science program on September 20-22 in Ottawa. The meeting includes 17 focal points from Academies throughout the Americas and the agenda will focus on: (1) the results of a “Census of Women Scientists” in the Academies of the Americas; (2) the development of projects that aim to attract young girls to science; and (3) a unique book chapter on Energy, Water and Gender that is the result of a collaboration between different IANAS Programs. IANAS is also proud to welcome of eight new focal points who will contribute to future goals such as a closer engagement with the Science Education Program.

List of participants